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  • blake.k*******@gmail.com posted at 4/6/2022
    The WORST customer service in Panama City. The biggest mistake we made was picking this restaurant. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE 
  • joh****@yahoo.com posted at 1/25/2022
    Horrible customer service. Asked for sauces and didn’t get any! Money wasted...
  • angies*******@gmail.com posted at 1/15/2022
    Over 2 damn hours still have NOT received MYB order highly fucking pissed. PISS ASS POOR DAMN SERVICE AND MGMT WILL NOT EVER ORDER AGAIN
  • hollym******@gmail.com posted at 11/27/2021
    You ruined my meal and my night and now I'm going to kill myself thanks a lot Ginger and 88
  • brandon*******@gmail.com posted at 11/27/2021
    Once again y'all screwed me over I ordered me a f****** meal and you screwed me out of my soda but you screwed me out of my poo poo platter this is ordered number 2021 1127 22 4907-296
  • vickiel********@gmail.com posted at 3/14/2021
    Beef snd snow peas has plenty of mushrooms and snow peas but the beef and sauce is bland. There soy sauce did not help and almost ruined it. Very poor quality Soy. If your not going to use spices fir your sauces at least have decent Soy sauce available to doctor it up a bit. Why cant PCB get a decent Japanese / Chinese Thai.  restaurant. So sad the Thai place on FBR closed it was excellent hope they come back. 
  • josephi*******@sbcglobal.net posted at 12/25/2020
    I ordered five meals.  I received four.  Three were correct.  I tried to call back but kept getting put on hold.
    I also ordered spring rolls and instead got deep fried over done egg rolls.
    Also, from where I live, I’m used to quality Chinese food.  This wasn’t close.
    So on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate it a 1.
  • Nancy*****@gmail.com posted at 4/23/2020
    Ordered online. Requested SUBSTITUTE beef fried rice rather than pork. When arrived to pick up was charged 8.37 rather than 6.59 and was told I should have just requested substitution by typing in change .... which is exactly what I did. Cashier repeated several times I should have just "written it in" to avoid up charge but this time it would be an up charge...the online receipt was 6.59; the cashier added the additional. Very poor service and attitude...hope my husband enjoys the food because I won't return after being overcharged.
  • brandist********@gmail.com posted at 4/9/2020
    my name is Keith. I ordered food last night at 930pm. I was probably the last order of night. it was all wrong. i have been getting the same food for the last 3 months and it was so bad that I am going to do a charge back from my credit card. because it was just not eatable. honey chicken doesnt have crushed red pepper in it. the pork lo mien is pork not beef. the house special rice was burnt. my number is 8506241426. It is important with the times how they are that you keep up the great standards that I am custom  to from your establishment. charge back.
  • conniel*******@gmail.com posted at 4/9/2020
    would not order take-out or delivery again - we ordered using delivery, and after they left we found the order was incorrect, AND one of the meals was soooo spicy that it was inedible.  We contacted JinJin 88 - they were very rude and said to send the driver back (already gone) and they'd give us springrolls?!? We asked for a refund or a credit - they said no way.  I say, NO WAY I'D ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!
  • xha****@baystudent.org posted at 2/28/2020
    do not recommend .. had to call multiple times & still no delivery . 
  • jo**@franchisecreator.com posted at 11/15/2019
    I’m reaching out to you because I'm interested in franchising your business and I would like to speak with you. If you are interested in growing the business to more locations through franchising, please feel free to call me directly or to book the best date and time for yourself simply visit my live calendar link here for booking> www.calendly.com/johnromney/introductory-call
  • tywa****@gmail.com posted at 7/21/2019
    I have been ordering from jin jin 10+ year. Never have i had such a poorly made order. #rd time i have received no sauce on general tsos. so i got deep fried chicken chunkss no flavor lmfao. broccoli uncooked, crab rangoons wet doughy lol.... Sushi chef did a great job the people in back do not care apparently :(
  • bb***@hotmail.ca posted at 7/19/2019
    hi we had food from you 2or3 times but today your phone# wont take our call.please call us 1705 8540042.122 johnson bayou dr.
  • theroo*******@gmail.com posted at 2/12/2019
    Hi my name is Jonathan galeano  I see you company has no Facebook or Instagram  I can provide it for you to get people to no about you business I can bring more customers to you with Instagram and Facebook  I'll do all the work to set up account if you to have my service contact me at my email address we can talk more. more ratings for your business 
  • iliann******@gmail.com posted at 1/24/2019
    I do NOT recommend this restaurant starting with the unprofessional and rude owner they ripped us off 5 rolls and when we got home we noticed. Called the restaurant to let them know and sent the front lady a picture of the box with the missing sushi. I was told i would be called back. No call back!!! I called again and spoke with the owner who started yelling at me because he said he packed it and he knew all the sushi was there. He argued with me to his grave, basically calling me a liar. I have never encountered a more low life, cheap and arrogant MF*ing Asian in my life. I hope he chokes on a sushi!! Completely disrespectful, you dont treat customers that way!!
  • Dma****@gmail.com posted at 1/23/2019
    Order my food at 4:24 pm. Had to call twice about my order once told on the way waited 30 minutes no food. Called again had to speak to two different people before they found my order. Told it is on the way.  Still no food. Present time is 6:24pm.  Still no food. I was told we have a new driver.
  • chad.g******@bookit.com posted at 12/16/2018
    Ordered food for delivery on 12/11/18. Your Order ID: 522434312. Confirmation received at 4:55pm and I got the final call from an employee at 6:55pm (two hours later) arguing with me, stating the driver had been calling me repeatedly for some time now “WHERE WAS I!?” I’ve been STARING AT MY PHONE for about an hour and a half now, waiting for a call as to why a 5min 30sec drive from Jin Jin to my office is taking 2 HOURS. I repeated three times that no he hadn’t called me, but to answer his question, I’m at the delivery address where the driver should be. After finishing arguing over inane garbage, the food was delivered. Cold. Two hours cold. No white rice for one/some of the entrees. I entered my credit card info ONLINE WHEN I ORDERED... yet i was woken up the next day at 11am (i work nights) to FIVE back to back calls from Jin Jin wanting to collect the money they were owed. I went in in person to pay once i fully woke up. 谢天谢地 Chad
  • aher*****@aol.com posted at 9/19/2018
    How do I change my password and charge card number for my account with JIN JIN 88?
  • Curt****@yahoo.com posted at 7/6/2018
    Love this place, always tastes great!